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What We Do

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Web Design and Development

Our passion is designing and building websites that fit your needs. Chalktone crafts websites that fit your users, your message, your brand.

We've built e-commerce systems, marketing and media properties, and know web standards, so we can implement best practices that allow your website to adapt to your business changes.

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Online Marketing & Analytics

A key challenge of getting a website up and running is reaching the right audience. And once you reach them, you’ve got to keep them coming back!

Chalktone’s experience with Search Engine Optimization, analytics, and trend awareness will help people find you. We’ll give you the tools to understand what your customers like, and allow you to tailor your site for them.

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Website and Email Usability

Once you reach your audience, you need them to understand the powerful message and features your website offers.

By combining a solid grounding in the basics of design with a mastery of web standards and best practices, we allow your users to get the most out of your site. We can also adapt these techniques to your email campaigns, providing consistent branding and ensuring compatibility across today’s diverse platforms.

Our Approach

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Client and User Focused

We have lots of technical experience, but deep down we’re a lot like you. Technology is just a tool to accomplish our goals.

So we go to great lengths to make sure we understand what your needs are, and we won't get started until you're happy with our proposed project plan.

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Clean Design and Code

The web is clouded with technologies. It’s growing so fast, websites are often obsolete as soon as they’re completed.

We keep up-to-date with these technologies and pick the best ones for your project. We adhere to web standards. Our focus on simple, clean sites mean our code is easier to keep in sync with your business, and it’s faster, too.

All without sacrificing great looks.

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If you’d like a quote, have a question about our services, or would like to find out if we’re a good fit for your needs, we’d love to hear from you!